“our approach”



We Listen to Understand

At BM2C we listen. OK, you have probably heard it all before but we really do take pride in developing relationships with our clients, listening to what you have to say and understanding what you need.

Work Together
At BM2C we work closely with our clients to create a graphic design brief, guide you through the process and set up a checklist of objectives and measurables – that way, once we’ve finished our job, you’ll be able to have proof of how successful we’ve been and, subsequently, how successful your new branding, literature or website is.

Consume Tea and Cake
After taking your graphic design or web design brief, we will go away and think about it, sketch it, discuss it, and generally live and breathe it – and as we like to be transparent in all we do, we don’t mind telling you we will probably consume lots of tea and cake in the process!

Reassure Our Clients
We will reassure you with a clear timeline of events, a written explanation of what you’ll receive and a guide to what we’ll need from you.