“the mint condition” We are a multi-disciplinary company that integrates in one team; creative visual communications, brand and identity design, web design, interaction, illustration, web applications development and Marketing. Each core service although experts in their own unique way when combined adds immense value to delivering clients solutions. We are constantly pushing the envelope of innovation.

The work we do ranges from Branding, Competitive Intelligence [CI] strategy development through to implementation across an integrated suite of media including; below the line collateral, press and outdoor advertising, online and Point Of Sale [POS] systems.

BM2C products and solutions are visually compelling, defined, sensitive and targeted to deliver engaging brand experiences.

Our multimedia team are capable of creating assets, animations, and interactions from scratch and are well versed in best practices around interactive advertising and Quality Assurance.

The Bm2cSpirit team can visualize, combine knowledge and implement new ways to reach and engage a wider audience with state –of –the -art inventions and sound technology.
Utilize us today! We’d be happy to explore with you the boundless possibilities that await.